where the wild grows


The task was to develop products, which strengthen and expand Edsbyverken's range of office furniture with the help of The Wood Region's wood based biocomposite. This unique material contributes with an abundance of opportunities that can complement Edsbyverken's production with innovative solutions.The finished concepts should relate to a circular system by being recyclable, therefore, design for disassembly was in focus.

The process included exploration of the biocomposite and to draw inspiration from Hälsingland's craft traditions, where Edsbyverken has their roots.

The project was a part of the course Applied Design at the Industrial Design program at the University of Gävle. It challenges students to a holistic approach towards sustainability through both theoretical and practical design methods and techniques.Gävle's local profile is forest raw materials and sustainability, which makes it a central part of the education. After 3 years, the students have a broad knowledge in both materials and sustainability.