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REHOME Collective

Environmental challenges require radical actions. Meeting the primary needs – proper sanitation, privacy, sense of security, sleeping and storage – was the assignment for the Working in a Project courses in 2018 and 2019, while the objective was to train the students’ ability to apply professional methods, working practices suitable for given task and design thinking. As a result of these courses was born Rehome Collection, proudly representing the responsible and humanitarian Finnish design.

Rehome means furniture that are easy to assemble on user environments. They are quick and affordable to produce of fiber-based Finnish biomaterials on demand. They are light and flat-packed, and thus, easy to transport.

Rehome furniture are logistically agile and an environment-friendly solution for emergency housing, in crisis areas and refugee environments. Lahti Institute of Design roots back to 1899 and it has been an organizational unit of LAB University of Applied Sciences since the beginning of 2020.





By - Jussi Alanen

This flat-pack bed is affordable to deliver in high quantities and simple to assemble once arrived at the destination.


By - Henri Mertanen

Users do not need any tools to bring this bunk bed to life. It offers two comfortable, private spaces with the option of hanging curtains. The wooden bed is quick and affordable to make.


By - Sara Auvinen & Tiia Jokinen

This dry closet toilet unit is made of bio-based material by fully automated process. The unit is transported in flat package, and easy to assembly on site.