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The production, packaging and transportation of food has become a global issue that generates vast amounts of waste and is depleting the world's resources. In order to reduce our environmental impact, we need to rethink the linear systems of today and create better, more sustainable solutions for the future.

In this project, the first year MA students at Lund University School of Industrial Design have set to design solutions supporting cyclic systems relating to food. Throughout the course the students have been researching linear systems that have a negative impact on the environment, in order to develop a better alternative. All projects are based on the idea of making it easier to bring food from “EARTH TO TABLE” in a sustainable way.




By - Agnes Svensson & Sofia Lykke Saxbøl

TRÅD is a crate made from metal wire, designed to support a cyclic system of packaging in the beverage industry. This concept is re-introducing a system of reusable packaging, based on the idea that a glass bottle should not be treated as a disposable product.


By - Alexandra Fransson

With a green wave of people starting to grow their own food in an urban setting, new demands for storage arises. Through evaporative cooling, DUNSTA creates an environment similar to that of the root cellar, but for a modern living arrangement - allowing harvested fruits and vegetables to stay crispy and fresh longer, without using electricity.


By - Amanda Do

Otis is a kitchenware set designed to support a plant-based lifestyle. The stoneware pieces are both functional as a press-drainer and individually as a bowl, colander and plate.


By - Camilla Tarandi

HONUNG is a jar for honey that the user can bring back to the local beekeeper once it is empty. The jar can then be attached to the beehive so the bees can build honeycombs inside it.

By - Daniel Larsson

Fó is an analog oat milk maker, the most simplified and sustainable way to make your own oat milk at home. No energy needed and no waste is left behind.


By - Donaldo Preciado

Handlewise is a crate and display system for small grocery shops,  It’s design allows having less stock on display without empty spaces by using a modular display unit that works together with a reusable and stackable nail-free crate.


By - Ebba Kjellin

How would we store and transport groceries in a plastic and fossil-free world? These stackable crates are made for the farmer to use on site and when transporting vegetables and fruits to the shop/market.


By - Fabian Schray

HABEETAT is a compact urban Beehive that makes beekeeping simple and accessible for everyone. Due to the feature of docking the honey jars directly on top of the hive and simplifying the process of harvesting you will save space, time and lots of traditional tools.


By - Gianluca Managó

BYO is a terracotta and glass growing station designed for the indoor care of culinary herbs. The ecosystem created by the design and materials of BYO prevents useless ressource waste, by exploiting natural light, evaporation and condensation, thereby extending the plant's lifespan and reducing the amount of effort required in plant care.


By - Jacob Alm Andersson

Nivå is a modular farming system for growing food in urban courtyards. The system is focused around creating room for growing, meeting and learning, together.


By - Josefin Lindeberg

THE TURN is a coffee maker that facilitates further use of brewed coffee grounds within the household. By turning the jar upside down, the leftovers dries and can be used in skincare, cleaning, as fertilizer and even in baking.


By - Katharina Wohlleben

ALIVE is a fermentation vessel that brings the traditional art to preserve food for less fertile seasons into our modern world by its simplistic design.By pouring water over the domed lid, the gutter is filled by water and works as a lock for safe fermentation.


By - Martin Paulsson

Many humans live on a small scale, but not always in the same place. HETTA is a stove and oven unit for those who are in no need of larger appliances. Bring it when you move, care for it, and waste less energy.


By - Natalia Lauritzen Sladic

Gústo is a food smoker in porcelain, designed to cook and alter the character of seaweed. The purpose of the cooking device is to introduce and integrate locally grown algae into the Scandinavian cuisine.


By - Nina Cherrug

BERTIL is a carrying basket for the individual who buys and collects local farmers market supplies.


By - Tom Lunde

BRING allows the user to use the same bag for both shopping and transporting food, in a simple and secure way, by placing the bag on a frame attached to the bike.


By - Yifan Yin

FOOD WITH FOOD is a series that uses coconut, walnut and lemon to make a collection of seasoning-related grinders and containers to give playful characteristics of the food itself, exerting the ultimate wisdom of nature.


By - Zelu Deng

REUSEBO is a reusable take-out food container that can also function as a lunch box for households, creating a sustainable lifestyle with recyclable materials instead of a linear food packaging.


By - Zimeng Chen

CHEESE MAKER is an analogue machine made of wood for small scale cheese production. During the cheese-making process the pot is heated up and the machine gently stirs the curd into cheese.