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Department of Design
At the Department of Design we work with students interested in making change in the world through design. Our programs focus on preparing students to use design, and its inherent creativity to face unprecedented challenges, but also opportunities, and to work towards a more sustainable future. The Department is made up of four programs: the Bachelor’s program in Design+Change, the Bachelor’s program in Visual Communication+Change, the Master’s program in Design+Change and the Master’s program in Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design. The programs are delivered in English and we welcome about 150 students from all over the world to our two locations; Växjö and Kalmar. Students will meet international teachers and practitioners during their studies in these programmes, and we also facilitate student and teacher exchange through a number of international agreements. The Department of Design is a member of DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) and CUMULUS, the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media.

[im]pulse – Discover the language of heartbeats.

The Design+Change second year bachelor students created a short documentary film about their exhibition “[im]pulse”. [im]pulse is a space for discovering the language of heartbeats. While meeting another, your pulses are recorded, amplified and exchanged into a sensorial experience.

In fragile moments, sometimes the words to describe what we are feeling are hard to find. How can we express what is happening inside ourselves in these difficult times? Can we communicate with each other by listening to our hearts, without adding a single word? These are the questions we are inviting you to explore together with us.

We have created this space because we believe interacting through our hearts can foster openness and connection in our current reality of uncertainty and social distancing.

The initial exhibition was intended for a large public participation. However, due to the collective hardship we all find ourselves in during a pandemic, we are compelled to embrace the current restrictions, which brought us to produce a documentary about our exploration instead.

We are happy to invite you to watch it and ask yourselves the question: What makes your heart beat?

The film can be seen at multiple locations in Växjö and Kalmar and can also be found on the Facebook and Instagram page of the LNU Department of Design and on the website