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CONVERSATIONS - Rethinking the way we do things

Making prototypes is an integral part of our design process at BA2 Wood Oriented Furniture Design. We use it for finding new ideas and creating new forms. Letting the materials make some of the decisions during the build can yield the most interesting results and strengthens our communication through these compositions.

The exhibition features our recent work in collaboration with OFFECCT and the Möbeltapetsering department at Stenebyskolan. Exploring traceable, renewable and recyclable materials, both traditional and experimental, we took different paths in developing our concepts.

We observe how habits change in order to create furniture that adds genuine value to people and society. We have to create places for creative meetings and discussions to generate ideas. These conversations happen not just between people but also materials and objects. Today and in the future new demands will arise and affect how we meet in public and private environments. We need to keep the conversation going and continually rethink the way we do things in order to achieve something new.


In collaboration with Offecct



By - Evelina Björnqvist

The interaction between human, pine and spelt wheat shells gives forms that change over time, traces in micro and macro perspectives. What do we leave behind?

Upholstery made by Lisa Larsson and Malin Alsing.

Thanks to Anders Lunneryd at Ekologiska Lantbrukarna for the spelt wheat shells and Svensson for the fabric.


By - Felix Rådlund

Exploring paper cord as a sustainable material and how it can shape a piece of furniture, letting it take over the visual expression.

Upholstered by Elsa Starkerud.

Thanks to Randers Reb for sponsoring the Danish Paper Cord.


By - Gergely Kovacs

We spend most of our lives in boxes and squares imposed on us by architects and city planners. This piece examines the many grids of our built environment and our relationship to them.

Upholstered by Sebastian Isemo.

Thanks to Kvadrat for the textiles and Spinks for the coil springs.


By - Lasse Elsenburg Kannegieter

Connect’s vertical and horizontal lines find ways to connect the user, craftsmanship, natural materials, Dutch Design, craftspeople and is circular.

Upholstered by Josefine Rundberg and Lars Olav.

Thanks to Enschede Textielstad for the beautiful fabric woven from recycled yarn!